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Re: [patch] Tweak output of -var-info-path-expression

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Khouzam <> writes:

Marc> I'd like to re-submit a workaround I posted about a year ago,
Marc> but never followed through with.

Marc> So, here is the patch with a test.  The test fails with 
Marc> the current HEAD (gets the syntax error) and succeeds with
Marc> the patch applied.  I've also had to update other tests
Marc> to match the change.

I think it is reasonable, just a few nits in the patch.

Marc> Index: gdb/testsuite/gdb.mi/

Jan has asked that new tests be given descriptive names instead of PR

Marc> +if $verbose>1 then {
Marc> +    send_user "var-info-path-expression returned $cmd_output\n"
Marc> +    send_user "Using $path for data-evaluate-expression\n"
Marc> +}

Just use the verbose command with the level as an argument, like:

    verbose "var-info-path-expression returned $cmd_output" 2

(Note no \n as well.)

Marc> +		 When we are in the scope of the base class or of one
Marc> +	     of its children, the type field name will be interpreted
Marc> +	     as a constructor, if it exists.  Therefore, we must
Marc> +	     indicate that the name is a class name by using the
Marc> +	     'class' keyword.  */

I'd like this comment to have a reference to the PR, either the URL or
"PR mi/11912".


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