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Re: [PATCH 7/7] Add documentation.

> From: Sanjoy Das <>
> Cc: Sanjoy Das <>
> Date: Tue,  9 Aug 2011 20:55:09 +0530
> +@node Custom Debug Info
> +@section Custom Debug Info

Please add a couple of @cindex entries here for the subjects of this

> +A mentioned

Probably meant "as mentioned" here.

>                readers can be loaded using the @code{load-jit-reader}
> +command.  Executing @code{load-jit-reader foo} will have @value{GDBN}
> +try to load @code{}


Btw, is the .so extension hard-coded?  That is, does this feature
support only Posix-style shared libraries, or Windows-style as well?

> from @code{$libdir/gdb} where @code{libdir}


"libdir" is a place-holder, so it should be in @var.

> +is the library directory for the system (usually something like
> +@code{/usr/local/lib}).


> +further interaction is required from the user's side.  The current
> +reader can be unloaded by executing @code{unload-jit-reader},

Please describe the commands in the format we use for all the other
commands, including @kindex entries etc.

>                                                              after
> +which a new reader may be loaded, using @code{load-jit-reader} as
> +usual.

Does this mean only one reader can be loaded at any given time?  If
so, this should be said explicitly.  What happens if I try to load
another one without unloading first?

> +As mentioned, a reader is essentially a shared object conforming to a
> +certain ABI.  This ABI is described in @file{jit-reader.h}.

jit-reader.h or  The previous section used the

> +@value{GDBN}), in @code{$includedir/gdb} where @code{$includedir} is
> +the system include directory.

@file{@var{includedir}/gdb} and @var{includedir}

> +Readers need to be released under a GPL compatible license.  A reader
> +can be declared released under such a license by placing the macro
"declared as released", probably.

> +those object files. @code{struct gdb_unwind_callbacks} has callbacks
Need two spaces here.

> +to read registers off the current frame and to write out the values of
> +the registers in the previous frame. Both have a callback


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