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Re: [RFA 4/8] New port: TI C6x: Read loadmap from gdbserver

On 08/08/2011 04:28 PM, Mark Kettenis wrote:
> Now the kernel vs. libc headers issue has always been a contentious
> one on Linux.  But I think you should use the PTRACE_-prefixed names
> in your code since those are the "official" Linux names, since Linux
> was intended to be System V compatible.  The PT_-prefixed names are
> really only for compatibility with BSD (So I don't really understand
> why people keep adding them for ptrace(2) requests that no BSD variant
> ever had).

Mark, thanks for pointing this out.  If we want to use PTRACE_GETDSBT
here, we should include "asm/ptrace.h" in linux-low.c, which I am
hesitant to do.  Current convention in linux-low.c, AFAICT, is about
target-independent code, and so "asm/ptrace.h" is not included.  I don't
want to break this convention to include "asm/ptrace.h", but I am not
insist on this.  If you believe it is safe to include "asm/ptrace.h", I
am fine with it.

Yao (éå)

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