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Re: [patch, testsuite] Set language after reaching to main function

On Thursday 04 August 2011 04:10:35, Yao Qi wrote:
> I find some similar failures below when I examine gdb test result,
>   FAIL: gdb.cp/cplusfuncs.exp: set language c++
>   FAIL: gdb.cp/inherit.exp: set language c++
>   FAIL: gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: set language c
> They are all caused by warning emitted by gdb "Warning: the current
> language does not match this frame.".  I examined the frame like this:
> (gdb) info frame
> Stack level 0, frame at 0x40017780:
>  pc = 0x40000000 in _reset_ram
>     (reset-ram.S:24);
>     saved pc 0x40000a5c
>  source language asm.
>  Arglist at 0x40017780, args:
>  Locals at 0x40017780, Previous frame's sp is 0x40017780
> My gdb is working with bare-mental board, and start up code is written
> in assembly.  That is the reason why gdb emit such warning when we set
> language while pc is still within assembly code.
> This patch is to address this problem by moving "set language" after
> program hits breakpoint on main.
> OK?

Makes sense to me.  Okay.

Pedro Alves

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