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ping: [RFA 4/8] New port: TI C6x: Read loadmap from gdbserver

On 07/25/2011 12:27 PM, Yao Qi wrote:
> 2011-07-19  Andrew Stubbs <>
>             Yao Qi <>
>         gdb/
>         * remote.c (PACKET_qXfer_fdpic): New enum value.
>         (remote_protocol_features): Add qXfer:fdpic:read packet.
>         (remote_xfer_partial): Support TARGET_OBJECT_FDPIC.
>         (_initialize_remote): Add set/show remote read-fdpic-loadmap command.
>         * target.h (enum target_object): Add TARGET_OBJECT_FDPIC.
>         gdb/gdbserver:
>         * linux-low.c (struct target_loadseg): New type.
>         (struct target_loadmap): New type.
>         (linux_read_loadmap): New function.
>         (linux_target_ops): Add linux_read_loadmap.
>         * server.c (handle_query): Support qXfer:fdpic:read packet.
>         * target.h (struct target_ops): Add read_loadmap.


>         gdb/doc/
>         * gdb.texinfo : Document qXfer:fdpic:read packet.

	* gdb.texinfo (General Query Packets): Document
	qXfer:fdpic:read packet.

Eli, how about documentation change in this patch?  ChangeLog entry is
updated a little bit with the name of the node.

Yao (éå)

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