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Re: Fix doc index name on Windows

> Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 15:07:30 +0000
> From: Jonathan Larmour <>
> CC: Pedro Alves <>,
> > IMO, "broken" is an exaggeration.  How many tools did you see that
> > care about having their files produced on Unix be compatible with
> > NTFS?  How many maintainers of GNU packages do you know who would even
> > consider a possibility of inserting NTFS-related limitations into
> > their codebase?
> Evidently quite a few because my patch just brings GDB into line with what 
> GAS, binutils, BFD, CPP, and LD's docs explicitly do. In this respect GDB 
> is the odd one out.

I didn't mean in the manual, I meant in the code.  Most packages
assume that any file name is valid, and that file names are just
case-sensitive strings.  Some packages (GDB is one) are nice enough to
admit that file-name comparison should be case-insensitive on
non-Posix platforms.  But I can count on fingers of one hand those
that have code fragments that cater to more serious limitations or
idiosyncrasies of non-Posix platforms.

> People don't use a special cross version of makeinfo. GDB doesn't try and 
> invoke one, for example. Which is quite right.

Well, evidently it is NOT right, because stock makeinfo doesn't care
about this issue, except if you actually run it on Windows.

If we are going to have a coding convention that the Index nodes
should not be called just "Index", this should be at least in the
Texinfo manual, if not in standards.texi.

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