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Re: [MI][patch] broken -target-detach

On Friday 12 November 2010 16:01:20, Marc Khouzam wrote:

> > Unfortunately, 7.2 was released accepting the PID form only,
> > so we may be better off continue accepting it...
> If we put this fix in the 7.2 branch, could we get rid of the
> PID form or is it too late?

IMO, it's too late for 7.2.  Having 7.2 and 7.2.1 handle this
command's argument incompatibly would cause pain for frontends
already passing it an argument, and we can avoid causing that pain.
So IMO, since it's quite easy to do so, we should continue handling it.
We can consider mentioning in the manual that the PID form
is deprecated, and that it may be removed in a later release.
Then we can consider removing it in the future if it ever causes
trouble.  (I'm not suggesting you do that.)

> I knew someone was going to call me on that :-).  Here is the new
> patch which still accepts PID.  

Sorry about that.  :-)

> I have to apologize, I just don't
> have the time to get a test case for it.  I hope the patch is useful
> enough as it is.

It sure is, thanks for persevering.

> Good for the 7.2 branch too?

IMO, yes.

You've just given me a new chance to nit on formatting, though! :-)

> +      /* First see if we are dealing with a thread-group id */

Period and double space at end of sentence, like:

 /* First see if we are dealing with a thread-group id.  */

> +      if (*(argv[0]) == 'i')

     if (*argv[0] == 'i')

Okay with those changes.

Pedro Alves

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