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Re: Regression on gdb.ada/null_array.exp [Re: [patch] DW_AT_byte_size for array type entries]

> On Thu, 04 Nov 2010 02:57:14 +0100, Joel Brobecker wrote:
> > Can you do the following and send me the whole directory?
> > 
> >   % cd testsuite/gdb.ada/null_array
> >   % gnatmake -g foo -cargs -save-temps -dA

Thanks. Finally had a chance to look at this. The debugging information
appears to be incorrect (missing ___XA type to determine the array
bounds). Before Ken's change, we were passing this test by pure chance,
because we did:

   number-of-elements = array-type-len / element-len
   (where array-type-len is 0)
   if (len > 0 and get_array_bounds (...))

So we were computing the bounds only with non-zero arrays.  Now, we
determine the array length purely from the bounds:

   if (get_array_bounds (...))

I don't think we can restore the original (lucky) behavior without
breaking the intent of Ken's patch.

> BTW local FSF GCC 4.4.x rebuild should also make it IMO reproducible.

Do the most recent compilers trigger the regresions as well?


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