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Re: [patch] Fix for PR gdb/10819

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Pluzhnikov <> writes:

Paul> There is one more call to bsearch in solib-osf.c, but that file appears
Paul> to not be used anymore. Ok to deleted it?

It is referenced from config/alpha/, so I think it isn't

I would not worry about this call to bsearch.  It has been there since
revision 1.1 of that file, in 2001.  I think any problem it might
provoke probably would have been encountered by now.

Paul> +  if (cie_table->num_entries == 0)
Paul> +    {
Paul> +      gdb_assert (cie_table->entries == NULL);
Paul> +
Paul> +      /* The C standard (ISO/IEC 9899:TC2) requires the BASE argument to
Paul> +	 bsearch be a valid pointer even when the NMEMB argument is 0.
Paul> +
Paul> +	 Passing NULL for BASE and 0 for NMEMB is also known to cause
Paul> +	 Solaris-8 bsearch to call bsearch_cie_cmp with NULL ELEMENT
Paul> +	 (which doesn't expect that and crashes); see PR gdb/10819.
Paul> +
Paul> +	 Therefore, avoid calling bsearch under these conditions.  */

I'm ok with this paragraph but given that this is a C standard thing, it
could really just say something like "The C89 Standard requires BASE to
be non-NULL".

Paul> +  /* See comment in dwarf2-frame.c:find_cie on why this check
Paul> +     is necessary.  */

I'm not ok with this comment; references like this are fragile because
the referenced comment may change without anybody knowing to update this

This patch is ok if you replace the second comment with something


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