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Re: shared lib dos filename style - one more question

> Ok so I guess the table becomes :
> > 1.  /path/to/a -> /path/to/a
> > 2.  \path/to/a -> /path/to/a
> > 3.  \path\to\a -> /path/to/a
> > 4.  c: -> c:
> > 5.  c:\path\to\a -> c:/path/to/a
> so the only thing that happens is backslash to forward slash
> translation.

That is also my understanding from the previous discussions,
except also for the case insensitivity.

> Do you mean that the call to unixify() should happen in openp() instead
> of in solib_find() ? There's also a call to open() so I guess this
> should be changed as well.

It's a little foggy in my memory, right now, and I don't have much
time to dig further.  But you have to be a little careful - I don't
think a call to open can be replaced by a call to openp. But what
Daniel probably meant was that we shouldn't limit this solution to
just solib_find.  So yes, probably something in in openp. Or perhaps
a new routine that does DOS-style file matching on Unix hosts that
openp and solib_find could call.


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