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Re: shared lib dos filename style - one more question

> There's nothing straightforward that this latter approach could do for
> case-sensitivity problems, though - is there?  I'd prefer not to
> completely rule out handling this case.

Hmmm, I was indeed carefully side-stepping this issue, busted :).
I was hoping that this wasn't going to matter in practice...

> I wonder if the best solution wouldn't be a tri-state setting,
> defaulting to 'auto' - DOS style on DOS/Windows hosts, also
> recognizing forward slashes; Unix style on Unix hosts, also
> recognizing drive letters and backslashes.
> I haven't thought entirely about the pain involved in supporting
> wrong-case files.  Maybe this is just wrong-headed... if open failed,
> we'd have to do a wrong-case search, and that could get seriously out
> of hand.  So maybe this is nuts...

I guess this could indeed get seriously out of hand, but I'm not
so sure about that. I'm thinking we could rapidly fail within
the first few elements of the path. But regardless, having a tri-state
setting should help prevent that - only the users requiring
case-insensitive matching on Unix hosts would be paying the potential

> Anyway, I'd prefer a global solution rather than one local to
> solib_find.

Me too.


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