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Re: set record query <on|off>

> From: Marc Khouzam <>
> Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 11:03:45 -0400
> here is a patch to allow to enable/disable the queries
> used in Record.  It is relevant to:


> What do you think?
> Sorry, I have to run, but I'll send the Changelog tonight.

Please also send a patch for the manual describing this new command,
and a short entry for NEWS.

> +Set whether record/replay should enable its use of queries."), _("\

I think this variant is better:

  Set whether record/replay should ask for user confirmation.

> +When ON, record/replay will query the user on how to behave for certain \
> +scenarios.\n\
> +When OFF, record/replay will never query the user and will assume that \
> +all record actions normally requiring a query, should be performed.\n\
> +This option is valuable for frontends which cannot handle the use of queries."),

 When ON, record/replay will ask the user for confirmation in dubious \
 When OFF, record/replay will assume without asking that the user would \
 always confirm every action.

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