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Re: GDB MI Reverse Commands added [2 of 3]

Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 17:59:50 +0100
From: Greg Law <>

But I'm struggling to think of a plausible way in which a target could provide reverse debugging without some kind of log.

Don't we have already some kind of that implemented by forking the inferior several times, and then switching to the appropriate fork when the user wants to go backwards?

You're thinking of checkpoint and restart. It does allow you to go back to a previous state, but it's functionally orthogonal to reverse.

Anyway, a target could conceivably provide reverse execution without
any need for GDB to do that for it.  I don't think the manual should
be too tied to what we currently have, because then it would be a pain
to maintain.

I see your point, but OTOH all of the current implementations rely on a log of some sort, and I agree with Greg that it isn't easy to imagine one that didn't.

I think we should mention that "running off the end of the log" is
one way in which a reverse continue may terminate, because in fact
that is something that may happen in all of the current implementations.

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