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Re: final i386.floating.record.patch

paawan oza wrote:

please find my answers below.

 1) Are you using a Windows machine to send your
 emails?  If so,
 is it possible that there is a Unix/Linux machine you could
 sending from?  Your attachments look OK for me, but
 some people
 seem to have had problems with them.

Oza : I used to send all from windows till now.
but this patch I sent it from Linux...from opera.
2) And are you using cut-and-paste to insert the patches
into the
body of your email? That would certainly cause
problems, because
tabs might be changed into spaces (which is exactly what
causing patch to fail for me today).
Oza: yes I am using copy-paste....I dont know any-other way.
because attachmenet are not welcome, so I am not sure how I could proceed with this.

It's not that attachments are not welcome. There are various binary encodings for attachments, and some of those binary encodings are not welcome. I think because there's no open-source way of decoding them.

If you look at the list, you'll see that attachments are used a lot.

Copy-and-paste, though, in general will not work, because it
usually changes tabs into spaces, which ruins a patch.

I will send you updated patch.....may be I might have mistaken of old gdb file. sorry for incovenience.

I think it was just the tabs-to-spaces issue. Why don't you try sending an attachment from Opera?

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