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Re: [patch] Fix warnings using gcc-4.5 HEAD

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

Jan> 2009-07-11  Jan Kratochvil  <>
Jan> 	Fix gcc-4.5 HEAD warnings for enum ada_operator.
Jan> 	* ada-lang.h (enum ada_operator): Move it to ...
Jan> 	* ... a new file.
Jan> 	* expression.h (enum exp_opcode): Include
Jan> 	New element OP_UNUSED_LAST.

I'd like Joel to comment on the Ada changes.

They seem reasonable enough to me.  I was unaware of enum ada_operator,

At the very least, the comment above OP_EXTENDED0 needs to be updated.
It mentions the extension enum approach, which now can't be used.

Jan> 	Fix gcc-4.5 HEAD warnings for GDB_FORM_cached_string.
Jan> 	* dwarf2read.c (GDB_FORM_cached_string)
Jan> 	(dwarf_form_name <GDB_FORM_cached_string>): Remove.
Jan> 	(struct attribute <dwarf_form>): Reduce the bit width.
Jan> 	(struct attribute <string_is_canonical>, DW_STRING_IS_CANONICAL): New.
Jan> 	(read_attribute_value <DW_FORM_string>)
Jan> 	(read_attribute_value <DW_FORM_strp>): Initialize
Jan> 	(dwarf2_name, dump_die_shallow <DW_FORM_string>)
Jan> 	(dump_die_shallow <DW_FORM_strp>): Update the code using former
Jan> 	GDB_FORM_cached_string.

This part is ok.

Jan>      /* NOTE: Eventually, we expect to convert to an object-oriented 
Jan>         formulation for expression operators that does away with the
Jan>         need for these extension operators, and indeed for this
Jan>         entire enumeration type.  Therefore, consider the OP_EXTENDED
Jan>         definitions to be a temporary measure. */

This comment is nearly 6 years old :(


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