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Re: Multi-exec patches

Tom> Can not resume the parent process over vfork in the foreground while 
Tom> holding the child stopped.  Try "set detach-on-fork" or "set schedule-multiple".
Tom> Recursive internal problem.
Tom> Aborted

Pedro> Can you get me a backtrace, to see what happened here?

For the record, I sent this in a separate note, the other day.

Tom> I also got this strange result:
Tom> (gdb) set detach-on-fork off
Tom> (gdb) set schedule-multiple on
Tom> (gdb) set non-stop on
Tom> (gdb) run
Pedro> This usually means that GDB tried to read registers from
Pedro> an LWP that wasn't stopped.  I'll try to catch this one.
Pedro> Are those commands above the whole set of commands?  I
Pedro> assume that you issued "set target-async on" and "set pagination off"
Pedro> somewhere too?

Nope!  So that is probably the problem.

Tom> Ok, this worked much better.  I was able to interrupt a cc1 process
Tom> during make!

Pedro> Cool!

I also tried setting a pending breakpoint on a function in cc1, then
running "make".  Nothing ever stopped at the breakpoint.  Is this

Tom> ../../archer/gdb/thread.c:708: internal-error: finish_thread_state: Assertion `tp' failed.

Pedro> If you have a chance to retry, could you please let me know if you
Pedro> can reproduce this one with patch 2/2 of the mini-series applied ?

I tried this and couldn't reproduce it.


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