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Re: [RFA] Implement -break-commands

>>>>> "Volodya" == Vladimir Prus <> writes:

This all looks reasonable to me.  I have a few style nits.

Volodya> -/* Read one line from the input stream.  If the command is an "end",
Volodya> -   return such an indication to the caller.  If PARSE_COMMANDS is true,
Volodya> -   strip leading whitespace (trailing whitespace is always stripped)
Volodya> -   in the line, attempt to recognize GDB control commands, and also
Volodya> -   return an indication if the command is an "else" or a nop.
Volodya> -   Otherwise, only "end" is recognized.  */
Volodya> -static enum misc_command_type
Volodya> -read_next_line (struct command_line **command, int parse_commands)
Volodya> +char *
Volodya> +read_next_line ()

This should be marked `static' (it is declared that way but it is
clearer to mark the definition as well).  I think it needs a header

Volodya>  static enum command_control_type
Volodya> -recurse_read_control_structure (struct command_line *current_cmd)
Volodya> +recurse_read_control_structure (char * (*read_next_line_func) (), 
Volodya> +				struct command_line *current_cmd)

The header comment should be updated to mention the new argument.
And if you don't mind, please fix the reference to the non-existing
"parent_control" parameter.

Volodya> +extern struct command_line *read_command_lines_1 
Volodya> +(char * (*read_next_line_func) (), int parse_commands);

Indentation on the 2nd line.

There's some other little style nits in the patch -- over-bracing in the
second patch, mostly.

Volodya> +void
Volodya> +breakpoint_set_commands (struct breakpoint *b, struct command_line *commands)

Needs a header comment.

Volodya> +static char **mi_command_line_array;
Volodya> +static int mi_command_line_array_cnt;
Volodya> +static int mi_command_line_array_ptr;


Volodya> +  break_command = read_command_lines_1 (mi_read_next_line, 0);

I think this would be cleaner if read_command_lines_1 took a "user_data"
argument and then there were no new globals.


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