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RE: [RFA] Implement -break-commands

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> [] On Behalf Of Vladimir Prus
> Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 5:03 AM
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> Subject: [RFA] Implement -break-commands
> The below patches implement MI -break-commands. As the name implies,
> it's the same as CLI 'commands'. There are two patches: one
> refactors CLI 'commands' for easier reuse, and the second actually
> adds -break-commands. The patches mostly were derived from Apple
> branch, and then adjusted for CVS HEAD. One functional change I've
> made is that '-break-commands <number>' does not report the list
> of currently set commands -- since -break-info already prints his
> information, it does not seem necessary to add another way. I've
> also added a test and docs.

Nice addition.

> The parts of this patch that are not MI are:
> 1. Slight refactoring of cli/cli-script.c
> 2. Slight refactoring of breakpoint.c
> I'd appreciate if somebody could review them.
> Eli, there's also doc change here, comments appreciated.

I noticed the example in the doc is missing the breakpoint number:

	> +-break-command "print v" "continue"

Unless it is optional?


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