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Re: [RFA] Fix too many "no debugging symbols found" warnings.

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 6:02 AM, Pedro Alves<> wrote:
> [sorry for the delay, I'd been AFK]
> On Friday 10 July 2009 23:12:19, Doug Evans wrote:
>> The attached patch adds an optional regex argument to "info shared"
>> and marks in the output libraries without debugging info.
>> With this addition, I don't see a real need for a "set print
>> symbol-loading-warning/whatever" option, thus I deleted it.
>> Ok to check in?
> I like this approach better. ?I like the regex consistency with
> "sharedlibrary". ?I'm not sure if a '(*)' is the best UI, compared to
> an explicit word, though, but I can live with it if others can too.
> What do others think? ?Also, did you have a chance to run this
> through your users?

My users won't mind.  And I like the consistency better too.

I tried various words and combinations of words but I couldn't find
anything I was happy with that fit and I didn't want to add more space
just for this.
In the end I figured I was spending too much time and was about to
give up, but then I came up with (*) and now I kinda like it.  It's
loud ("Hey, you probably want to pay attention to this"), it fits :-),
and once learned it it'll be easy to remember (to me anyway).  It does
have the problem of not scaling though (e.g. if we need to add more).
Maybe an acronym in uppercase, with a footnote at the bottom
explaining it (or not), is the way to go. [I wouldn't suggest having *
mean one thing, ! mean another, etc. :-)]

> Did you try this with any frontend? ?I've now realized that MI
> clients are probably parsing "info sharedlibrary" output for
> lack for an equivalent MI command. ?:-/ ?:-(

I figured this might be a problem, but it seems like so would
anything, modulo having an option / flag to keep the old behavior.
Blech.  And I didn't want to spend too much time going down that road
without first seeing if the basic road was an acceptable one to go
down. :-)

Maybe the thing to do is stick with the old format *if* using MI?
If/when an MI command is added frontends can then just use that instead.

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