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Re: [patch] solib do not add ldd if in libc

Pedro, I am copying your reply here since my reply to myself contains better while loop which I actually wanted you to see. (and I'm replying to you below).

Aleksandar Ristovski wrote:

On systems (QNX) that have ldd residing in libc, svr4_current_sos will add libc twice. Once while walking the linkmap and second time from r_ldsomap.

This patch adds check if ldsolib has already been added and if so, prevents adding duplicate entry.

Tested on linux - i386, no regressions; however, it would be good if someone could test for regressions on Solaris.

This time with the right patch.

Pedro Alves wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 July 2009 17:11:21, Aleksandar Ristovski wrote:
> [This is not a formal review, just a quick note: ] did you post the
> patch you intended to post? That while loop looks wrong.
> I note that solib_svr4_r_ldsomap's describing comment seems to
> indicate that a fix there would fit better with its design.
> /* Find the link map for the dynamic linker (if it is not in the
> normal list of loaded shared objects). */
> static CORE_ADDR
> solib_svr4_r_ldsomap (struct svr4_info *info)
> {

Our r_debug is version 2 and we do have r_ldsomap member. We set it to our dynamic linker which coincides with libc. My patch loops through the list of so-s and looks for already added object; if found, then resets ldsomap to prevent outer loop from doing another iteration.

I, unfortunately, can not verify that it doesn't break solaris... I think it doesn't, but I couldn't test it (AFAIK, solaris has dynamic linker in a separate shared library and so it should not be found in the so list, but I don't have Solaris to verify this).


Aleksandar Ristovski
QNX Software Systems

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