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Re: Value reference counting

Em Segunda-feira 20 Julho 2009 13:45:55 Tom Tromey escreveu:
> >>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <>
> >>>>> writes:
> Daniel> free_all_values can have a very long interval.  But it looks like
> Daniel> breakpoint commands always run it, so not unbounded user behavior.
> Daniel> What about breakpoint conditions?  Is anything released and free'd
> Daniel> during a condition check going to linger until we stop?
> Thiago> I don't like the idea of having the GC being ran at unpredictably
> long Thiago> intervals. Aren't we aiming at debugging big fat apps with big
> insane Thiago> debugging sessions afterall?
> Running free_all_values at a long interval is potentially a problem.
> However, any particular problem here can (most likely) be resolved
> locally, using value_mark and value_free_to_mark in the code that causes
> too much allocation.

Ok, now we're all talking about the same issue. :-)

If you guys feel that you can fix any potential performance issues for
Real Bigâ apps and debugging sessions, then I'm happy.
Thiago Jung Bauermann

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