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Re: [RFA/RFC Prec] Add Linux AMD64 process record support second version, (AMD64 Linux system call support) 3/3

Hui Zhu wrote:
Add prec support like i386-linux-tdep.c.

2009-07-07 Hui Zhu <>

Add Linux AMD64 process record support.

        * amd64-linux-tdep.c (amd64_linux_record_tdep): New variable.
        This struct has the argument for the function
        (amd64_linux_syscall_record): New function. Parse the
        system call instruction and call function
        "record_linux_system_call" to record execute log.
        (i386_linux_init_abi): Initialize "amd64_linux_record_tdep".
        Set "amd64_linux_syscall_record" to "i386_syscall_record".

Once again, just a preliminary review.

Same comments about space-after-cast etc.

+ /* Covent tmpulongest to number in record_linux_system_call. */

"Convert", maybe?

+  /* Initialize the amd64_linux_record_tdep.  */
+  /* These values are the size of the type that will be used in a system
+     call.  They are obtained from Linux Kernel source.  */
+  amd64_linux_record_tdep.size_pointer = 8;

Can you use gdbarch_ptr_bit (gdbarch)?

+  amd64_linux_record_tdep.size_int = 4;
+  amd64_linux_record_tdep.size_long = 8;
+  amd64_linux_record_tdep.size_ulong = 8;

And again, aren't these sizes also in the gdbarch? Do we need to duplicate them here?

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