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Re: [RFA/RFC Prec] Add Linux AMD64 process record support second version, (instruction set support) 1/3

Hui Zhu wrote:
Because AMD64 instruction set is the extend of I386 instruction set.
So I update the function i386_process_record to make it support AMD64
instruction set.  some of other software do something like it.
2009-07-07  Hui Zhu  <>

Add AMD64 process record instruction set support.

        * i386-tdep.h (gdbarch_tdep): Add record_regmap for registers
        because the AMD64's registers order in GDB is not same with
        I386 instructions.
        Add i386_syscall_record to be the syscall function handle
        (record_i386_regnum): Number for record_regmap.
        * i386-tdep.c (OT_QUAD): For 64 bits.
        (i386_record_s): Add rex_x, rex_b, rip_offset and
        popl_esp_hack for AMD64 instruction set. And regmap for
        (i386_record_lea_modrm_addr): Support AMD64 instruction set
        64 bits lea.
        (i386_record_lea_modrm): Ditto.
        (i386_record_push): New function.  Record the execution log
        of push.
        (I386_RECORD_ARCH_LIST_ADD_REG): New macro to record the
        (i386_process_record): Support AMD64 instruction set.
        amd64-tdep.c (amd64_record_regmap): For record_regmap.
        (amd64_init_abi): Set amd64_record_regmap to record_regmap.

OK, this is kind of preliminary -- mostly concerned with whitespace / formatting. I'll try to do more later.

@@ -2859,7 +2868,7 @@ i386_record_lea_modrm_addr (struct i386_
          if ((base & 7) == 5)
              base = 0xff;
-             if (target_read_memory (irp->addr, (gdb_byte *) addr, 4))
+             if (target_read_memory (irp->addr, (gdb_byte *)&tmpi32, 4))

Space after a cast, please. There are many instances of this, I won't try to note them all.

@@ -2884,10 +2896,10 @@ i386_record_lea_modrm_addr (struct i386_
              return -1;
-         *addr = (int8_t) tmpu8;
+         *addr = (int8_t)tmpu8;

Space after cast

@@ -2949,10 +2974,10 @@ i386_record_lea_modrm_addr (struct i386_
              return -1;
-         *addr = (int8_t) tmpu8;
+         *addr = (int8_t)tmpu8;
        case 2:
-         if (target_read_memory (irp->addr, (gdb_byte *) & tmpu16, 2))
+         if (target_read_memory (irp->addr, (gdb_byte *) & tmpi16, 2))

No space after '&' operator. In general, we use a space both before and after a binary operator (such as 'plus'), but no space after a unary operator such as '&', '*' or '-'.

+         if (ir.aflag == 2)
+           {
+              if (target_read_memory
+                 (ir.addr, (gdb_byte *)&addr, 8))

Please try to avoid doing this (putting the left-paren of a function call on the next line). Occasionally when a line gets really long I tend to overlook it, but in this case it would be really easy to divide the line up like this:

               if (target_read_memory (ir.addr,
                                       (gdb_byte *) &addr, 8))

+ if (ir.mod ==3)

Space after ==

+          switch (ir.dflag)
+            {
+            case 0:
+              tmpu64 += ((int16_t)tmpulongest >> 4)<< 4;

Space before <<, space after cast.

+              break;
+            case 1:
+              tmpu64 += ((int32_t)tmpulongest >> 5)<< 5;


+              break;
+            case 2:
+              tmpu64 += ((int64_t)tmpulongest >> 6)<< 6;


+  /* The map for registers because the AMD64's registers order in GDB is not
+     same with I386 instructions.  */

"same as". And could you shorten the first line please?

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