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Re: [RFA] Fix too many "no debugging symbols found" warnings.

On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 3:44 PM, Pedro Alves<> wrote:
>> > OTOH, if GDB is printing nothing, then printing a sole:
>> >
>> > ?"(no debugging symbols found)"
>> >
>> > out of the blue, doesn't ever seem useful to me. ?Is that ever really useful?
>> Well, s@no debugging symbols found@no debugging symbols found in
>> /usr/lib/
> What's the output in the non-auto-loaded case, then?
> ?"Reading symbols from /lib/ (no debugging symbols found in /lib/ ...done."
> ?

Reading symbols from /lib/ (no debugging symbols found) ...done.

The patch knows it has already printed the path in that case.

>> Users would like to know that something isn't going to work because
>> debug info is missing.
>> That is useful.
> It is useful to know when a module doesn't have debug info, sure, but,
> that transient warning has been printed like that for years, as is,
> without showing the shared library name. ?In that state, I'm not sure
> how useful it has been. ?It appears to me we have some freedom to play
> with it, and when it is printed.


>> We could tell them differently of course. ?Maybe an option to "info
>> shared" to only show the ones without debug info or some such.
> We do have a "Syms Read" column in info shared's output, maybe we
> should extend that from "Yes, No" -> "Yes, Sorry-I've-tried-but-didn't-find-any, No".
> Then the user could ask GDB if it has debug info any time, instead of having
> to look up the log.

"works for me"

>> > Wouldn't tweaking the "no debugging symbols found" predicate make everyone happy?
>> "Tweaking" as in only printing "no debugging symbols found [in
>> /usr/lib/]" if (from_tty || info_verbose), and never printing
>> it for auto-loaded libraries?
> s/auto-loaded libraries/auto-loaded libraries, modules, executables, whatnot/,
> yes.

I'm not sure if I'd be happy nor not, but see attached patch.

> I'll back away from arguing now, and let you decide to do what you think
> is best. ?I don't think I'll be miserable with the change. ?(though with a feeling
> of wrongly named option in my stomach.)

The attached patch adds an optional regex argument to "info shared"
and marks in the output libraries without debugging info.
With this addition, I don't see a real need for a "set print
symbol-loading-warning/whatever" option, thus I deleted it.

Ok to check in?

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