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Re: RFA: update gdb internals doc with parallel make check

> From: Tom Tromey <>
> Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 10:36:31 -0600
> I noticed today that the db internals documentation has a section on
> the test suite.  This patch copies the parallel make check
> documentation from README into the internals doc.


> +If you use GNU make, you can use its @code{-j} option to run the
> +testsuite in parallel.  This can greatly reduce the amount of time it
> +takes for the testsuite to run.  In this case, if you set
> +@code{RUNTESTFLAGS} then, by default, the tests will be run serially
> +even under @code{-j}.  You can override this and force a parallel run
> +by setting the @code{make} variable @code{FORCE_PARALLEL} to any
> +non-empty value.  Note that the parallel @code{make check} assumes
> +that you want to run the entire testsuite, so it is not compatible
> +with some dejagnu options, like @code{--directory}.

The text is okay, of course, but I have a few markup comments:

 . Please use @option for command-line options

 . Please use @env for environment variables

 . Please use @kbd for commands typed by the user, such as "make
   check" in this case

Okay with those taken care of.

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