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Re: i386.record.floating.point.patch : with more testing and assurity

paawan oza wrote:

In My understanding the point was like below.
in the patch there were following register extended in enumeration in i386-tdep.h

I386_FTAG, I386_FISEG,

According to Hui in some of his previous mails...his idea was
FCTRL, FOP and so on are the fp reg of amd64.  For now, prec is still
not support amd64 And amd64's support are in amd64-tedp.... files.  >Change i386_regnum is not a good idea. I suggest you divide fp patch to 2 >parts. One is for i386, the other for amd64. For now, just send i386 patch >for review.  And send amd64 patch when prec support amd64"

while, my idea/understanding is:
FCTRL, FOP registers are not only a part of amd64, but also part of i386 (x87 FPU unit) also.
so according to me these registers are part of i386 also and it needed to be also in i386-tdep.h.


I'm not sure why you want to add those constants to i386-tdep.h, when the rest of your patch does not seem to use them.

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