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Re: [RFC-v3] Add windows Thread Information Block

On Fri, Jul 03, 2009 at 06:11:41PM +0200, Pierre Muller wrote:
>  Here is a new version of this patch:
>  - It does add a convenience variable name "$_tlb"
>for "thread local base" as this is the only value that needs
>to be fetch especially.
>   Maybe "_tib" is better, in the sense that it "talks" more to 
>windows used debuggers? But this is really only a pointer and not the 
>block itself. Any better idea?
>  I tried to create a type that really fits
>the Windows OS layout, but as this structure is not documented really
>and has changed between OS version, there can be no
>assurance that all fields are OK in all versions...
>  It works both native and remotely.
> I didn't check if it works OK, if endianess are different
>but the extra field in extract_unsigned_integer should take care 
>of this.
>  As Christopher reported problems trying to apply my previous
>version, I attach it this time, hoping that this will avoid troubles.
>  Pedro, I didn't change the TARGET_OBJECT type,
>and I really want to know if this is really required,
>as it seems to be a lot of work and I can't see the benefit...

Approved (for the parts that I can approve).


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