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[RFC-v3] Add windows Thread Information Block

  Here is a new version of this patch:

  - It does add a convenience variable name "$_tlb"
for "thread local base" as this is the only value that needs
to be fetch especially.
   Maybe "_tib" is better, in the sense that it "talks" more to 
windows used debuggers? But this is really only a pointer and not the 
block itself. Any better idea?

  I tried to create a type that really fits
the Windows OS layout, but as this structure is not documented really
and has changed between OS version, there can be no
assurance that all fields are OK in all versions...
  It works both native and remotely.

 I didn't check if it works OK, if endianess are different
but the extra field in extract_unsigned_integer should take care 
of this.

  As Christopher reported problems trying to apply my previous
version, I attach it this time, hoping that this will avoid troubles.

  Pedro, I didn't change the TARGET_OBJECT type,
and I really want to know if this is really required,
as it seems to be a lot of work and I can't see the benefit...

Pierre Muller
Pascal language support maintainer for GDB


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