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Re: [mi] -stack-list-arguments --simple-values

On Wednesday 01 July 2009 19:44:53 Niko Sams wrote:
> > It would be nice indeed. However, I have not entirely designed how a frontend
> > should actually work with locals and arguments, so I did not do anything
> > like that -- just fixed obvious inconsistency between existing commands.
> >
> Isn't every arg a local? Why would an IDE want to display arguments
> and locals differently?
> In KDevelop I added the arguments to the locals.
> -stack-list-locals-and-args would be perfect.

[Qt Creator does the same btw] So for me, too, yes.

But in any case it would be nice to be as open as (easily) possible
to other approaches and not to force some design decision on a
frontend. In case of  -stack-list-locals-and-args  that would be 
possible by e.g. adding a  kind="arg" / kind="local" flag or such.

On a related note, can't we have the contents of a 
'-stack-list-locals-and-args' in the *stopped  message?

_That_ would save a roundtrip, -stack-list-locals-and-args would
probably not save time at all, at best remove twenty lines of
frontend code...


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