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Re: Patch : gdbserver get_image_name on CE

On Wednesday 01 July 2009 19:40:48, Danny Backx wrote:
> I am certain that this happens when you create an executable which
> attempts to get an API from a DLL by name, if the API happens not to be
> in the DLL.
> You'll probably need to read that five times to understand it :-)

Nope, I got it the first time.  :-)

> If the development environment is wrong in this way :
> - a .def file was used to create a .dll.a file
> - the .def file implements an api that's not actually in the DLL
> This could be due to 
> - an invalid .def file
> - a .def file that's valid for one distribution of WinCE but not for
> ? another (read: differences between CE versions)
> Anyway. What happens is the executable appears to start (CreateProcess
> returns valid results), then the loader kicks in and fails. This is
> where I have verified that you will get this result. 
> Furthermore : none of the debug API's work either, gdbserver really gets
> not a single sensible signal from the underlying process.

What I was interested in knowing, was if loading a similarly faulty
dll (not the main executable) triggers the same issue.  Both in the
case where the app is "linked" to it (gcc -o foo foo.c -lbaddll) ---
I expect so, and in the case where LoadLibrary is used to pull in a
bad dll.  If the latter case triggers the same "lost connection to
inferior" error, then you have yourself a kernel bug.

You'll probably need to read that five times to understand it :-)

Pedro Alves

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