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Re: [patch] Fix parallel gdb/ make check//%

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

Jan> Currently there were:
Jan> missing optional @SUBDIRS@: gdb.stabs gdb.gdbtk gdb.hp
Jan> missing static: gdb.gdb gdn.modulas gdb.reverse

Jan> I may miss the original code goal.

I think the existing sub-sub configury stuff is just weird.  I am not
sure what the point of it is; by default, runtest just runs all the
.exp files it finds, and I didn't see anything that would change that.

I'd like to nuke all the subdir Makefiles and configure stuff below
testsuite.  It is a lot of stuff that does very little -- it doesn't
even really do the one thing it is intended to do.

Jan> -TEST_DIRS = gdb.base1 gdb.base2 $(filter-out gdb.base,$(sort $(notdir $(patsubst %/,%,$(dir $(wildcard $(srcdir)/gdb.*/*.exp))))))
Jan> +TEST_DIRS = gdb.base1 gdb.base2 $(filter-out gdb.base,$(ALL_SUBDIRS))

The original code here tries to mimic what runtest does: run all the
.exp files that match the tool name.  We're generally passing
--directory to runtest in the parallel case, so this finds all the
directories holding .exp files.

I think the new patch must not be right.  What runs gdb.modula2?
Or gdb.gdb?  AFAICT neither of these ever ends up in ALL_SUBDIRS.

I don't really understand what caused the error you saw.  The code is
intended to make the output directories as it goes (see the .dir
dependencies) and all the subdirs should be made and tested before is invoked.


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