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Re: [PATCH] Conditional tracepoints

> Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 13:29:38 -0700
> From: Stan Shebs <>
> CC: Stan Shebs <>,
> >> ! (@pxref{Agent Expressions}).  The @samp{agent} version produces an
> >> ! expression useful for data collection, such as by tracepoints, while
> >> ! @samp{maint agent-eval} produces an expression that evaluates directly
> >> ! to a result.
> >>     
> >
> > I must admit that I don't understand the description you added.  What
> > does "expression useful for data collection" mean, and how is it
> > different from "expression that evaluates directly to a result"?
> >   
> Expressions compiled for tracing have bytecodes that cause saving of the 
> blocks of memory etc that would be needed back on the host to evaluate 
> the expression at some later date.  It occurs to me that the Agent 
> Expressions section should say a little more about the two kind of 
> expressions.

Fine with me; in that case, this text should use the same terminology
as "Agent Expressions" and perhaps have a cross-reference to there.

> >> + @item ConditionalTracepoints
> >> + The remote stub accepts and tests conditional expressions defined for
> >> + tracepoints (@pxref{Tracepoint Conditions}).
> >>     
> >
> > Don't you mean "accepts and supports" or "accepts and implements"?
> >   
> "support" and "implement" seemed overused. :-)

They are still more descriptive than "tests" in this context, IMO.


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