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Re: [PATCH] Conditional tracepoints

Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 22:31:07 -0700
From: Stan Shebs <>

This patch adds conditional tracepoints.


I think we need a NEWS entry for this.
OK, good idea.
+ programming language (@pxref{Expressions, ,Expressions}). A
+ tracepoint with a condition evaluates the expression each time your
+ program reaches it, and data collection happens only if the condition
+ is @emph{true}.

Not sure why you use the @emph markup here. I think the text is okay
without any markup at all.
It's been several months since I wrote it, and now I don't remember either. :-)
@table @code
@kindex maint agent
+ @kindex maint agent-eval
@item maint agent @var{expression}
+ @itemx maint agent-eval @var{expression}
Translate the given @var{expression} into remote agent bytecodes.
This command is useful for debugging the Agent Expression mechanism
! (@pxref{Agent Expressions}). The @samp{agent} version produces an
! expression useful for data collection, such as by tracepoints, while
! @samp{maint agent-eval} produces an expression that evaluates directly
! to a result.

I must admit that I don't understand the description you added. What
does "expression useful for data collection" mean, and how is it
different from "expression that evaluates directly to a result"?
Expressions compiled for tracing have bytecodes that cause saving of the blocks of memory etc that would be needed back on the host to evaluate the expression at some later date. It occurs to me that the Agent Expressions section should say a little more about the two kind of expressions.

+ @item ConditionalTracepoints
+ The remote stub accepts and tests conditional expressions defined for
+ tracepoints (@pxref{Tracepoint Conditions}).

Don't you mean "accepts and supports" or "accepts and implements"?
"support" and "implement" seemed overused. :-)


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