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RE: [RFC] Add windows Thread Information Block

> From Christopher Faylor

> I can't tell you how many times I've wanted something like this.  I
> always end up standing on my head to get the tib information.  I have
> no
> problem with most of the implementation except that I think this should
> be a show command not a stand-alone command.  And, while "tib" is an
> accepted abbreviation for "thread information block", I think it makes
> sense (as Eli was implying, I think) that the actual command should be
> "show thread-information-block" with "show tib" as a alias.

With my patch, the command is "info w32 tib"
but I can change it to 
"show thread-information-block" if you prefer,
and if the show subcommands can handle the parsing of args.

The command support
"info w32 tib 0x456"
where 0x456 is the ThreadId given by the OS
to display another TIB than that of the current thread.
> And, of course, as Eli said, we do need documentation.
> Nevertheless, I appreciate your adding this functionality.  It will
> make debugging Cygwin much easier.



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