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Re: RFC: parallelize "make check"

Hi Tom,

> 2009-06-24  Tom Tromey  <>
> 	* New file.
> 	* (FORCE_PARALLEL): New variable.
> 	(CHECK_TARGET): New conditional variable.
> 	(check): Use CHECK_TARGET.
> 	(DO_RUNTEST): New variable.
> 	(check-single): New target.
> 	(TEST_DIRS): New variable.
> 	(TEST_TARGETS): Likewise.
> 	(check-parallel): New target.
> 	(check-gdb.%): New pattern.
> 	(BASE1_FILES): New variable.
> 	(BASE2_FILES): Likewise.
> 	(check-gdb.base%): New pattern.
> 	(%/.dir): New pattern.
> 	* configure: Rebuild.
> 	* aclocal.m4 (AM_CONDITIONAL): New defun.
> 	* Check whether user is using GNU make.
> 	(GMAKE): New conditional.

This looks awesome. If I understand your patch correctly,
parallelization is active by default when one does "make -j6 check"
as you split the "check" target into multiple sub targets.
If one does a regular "make check" without the -j, then the sub
targets will simply be run in sequence.

Thanks for doing this. At this rate, I don't think you'll be able
to remain sober at the next GCC Summit :). (Editor's note: Daniel
and now myself promised Tom a drink for various very useful patches
that he wrote).


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