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Re: [patch] gdbserver: Add support for Z0/Z1 packets

Doug Evans wrote:
On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 11:50 AM, Aleksandar
Ristovski<> wrote:
I did not do any renaming - I think it is not terribly confusing since both
in target.h comment and server.c 'Z' case it is made very clear that it
handles both breakpoints and watchpoints (i.e. I don't find it any clearer
if it was called "insert_point"... it would still require reading the
comment in target.h)

fwiw, I think the naming is important. People come at the source from various angles, starting points, and contexts. I can imagine someone getting tripped up (i.e. spending time doing something that they otherwise wouldn't have) by reading "insert_watchpoint" and not knowing it also applied to breakpoints. Good names are important. (or at least not obviously problematic names; picking good names is sometimes hard, for me anyway).

My $0.02.

Never ment to say it isn't important, just that "insert_point" didn't look more clear to me. But that's just me, of course.

Aleksandar Ristovski
QNX Software Systems

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