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Re: [RFA] Fix too many "no debugging symbols found" warnings.

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Evans <> writes:

Doug> What's the reason for passing from_tty=0 to symbol_file_add_main from
Doug> captured_main?

For questions like this I think the only thing to do is some
archaeology.  I looked, though, and this seems to have been 0 all the
way back to 1.1 in the src repository.  (I don't think I have ready
access to the older Cygnus repository any more.)

Doug> What do folks think about having gdb print an extra line when starting up?
Doug> i.e. adding:
Doug> Reading symbols from /home/dje/src/hello.x64...done.
Doug> Or, when no debugging symbols are found:
Doug> Reading symbols from /home/dje/src/hello.x64...(no debugging symbols
Doug> found) ...done.
Doug> [gdb would previously print "(not debugging symbols found)"]

I think it is a good idea.  It tells the user clearly what gdb is
doing, and it gets rid of the confusing output they see now.  Let's do

Doug> This partially reverts my patch of 2008-07-10 that added the option
Doug> "set print symbol-loading".
Doug> In its place I changed symbol-loading to symbol-loading-warnings and
Doug> made it only apply when from_tty == 0.
Doug> And I set the default to "off".
Doug> If from_tty == 1, the request is from the user directly (more or
Doug> less), and the user more likely wants to know if no debugging symbols
Doug> are found.
Doug> Plus if from_tty == 1, the user is already getting the text "Reading
Doug> ..." so why test the "set print ..." option?

Sounds reasonable.

Doug> This patch also includes the name of the file without debugging
Doug> symbols in the "no debugging symbols found" message.


Doug> Thoughts (especially about my first two questions) ?

I like this patch.  I think it is ok.

However, since output changes are typically contentious, please wait a
while to give others a chance to respond.


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