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Re: gdb.texinfo patch for -var-list-children (2)

I'll submit a new patch based on your comments.  I appreciate you
spending your time on these changes.

>> + @anchor{-var-info-num-children}
> Why did you add this @anchor? ?I don't see it referenced anywhere in
> your changes.

I'll fix that.

>> + For C/C++ structures there are several psuedo children returned to
> ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ^^^^^^

You are pointing to the word "there".  I believe "there" is correct.
Are you thinking it should b e "their"?

> A typo.

> Also, please use "C@t{++}" instead of just "C++", the former looks
> better in print.

Ah. Good.

> Okay with these corrections.
> Btw, you seem to have no copyright assignment on file with the FSF,
> and your grace of 15 lines of contributions without an assignment is
> almost exhausted. ?Did you start your paperwork with FSF? ?If not,
> please consider doing that soon, or else we will be unable to accept
> your contributions.

I wasn't aware of the need for paperwork.  I appreciate you guiding me
through this.  I should have been aware.  I read
document.  But I skimmed some sections.

I have filled out the request-assign.future document and sent it in.

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