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Re: [PATCH 1/2] namespace support

>>>>> "Sami" == Sami Wagiaalla <> writes:

Tom> Eww, buildsym is full of globals.  Not your problem :-), but yet
Tom> another thing that would be nice to clean up.

Sami> There is a nice clean up for this suggested by Jan. That is using the
Sami> variables in the current context object and automating saving/and
Sami> restoration of that. I'll post a patch if I get to it.

FWIW I would prefer a fuller cleanup.  This approach makes it sound
like there would still be one global -- but I don't see why we need
any globals at all.  At least, we don't need them in the dwarf reader;
I don't care as much whether the other readers have module-private
globals if that makes the change simpler.

Sami> This is a gcc bug. I filed it here:
Sami> and improved
Sami> the comment.  and improved the comment.

For future reference, it is better to file gcc bugs in the gcc
bugzilla.  They are more likely to be seen there.

Also, for some reason in your messages, the patch shows up twice.
Does anybody else see that?

The version of this patch with the new test case is ok.


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