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Re: RFA: makes darwin-nat.c threads (and multi-processes) aware

On May 18, 2009, at 9:59 PM, Stan Shebs wrote:

Tristan Gingold wrote:

at AdaCore we have an improved version of darwin-nat.[ch] that is in use for a
few months. It is mostly rewritten to handle threads and multi- processes. It
also handles more corner cases in breakpoints handling.

The number of regression is about 220 (to be compared to about 600 for the
original version). Good progress!

Indeed! I've reviewed this (sorry about the delay) and it looks generally good for committing. I just have a couple nits.

+ /* Current message state.
+ If the kernel has sent a message it expects a reply and the inferior + can't be killed before. */
+ enum darwin_msg_state { DARWIN_RUNNING,
+ DARWIN_MESSAGE } msg_state;
I'm not sure if there's official style on this point, but I think it's better to make enums globally visible. It generally seems to be the case that someone somewhere will eventually find multiple uses for the enum values, might as well accommodate them.

Now defined globally.

- darwin_ops->to_has_thread_control = tc_schedlock /*| tc_switch */; + /* darwin_ops- >to_has_thread_control = tc_schedlock | tc_switch */;
Might as well just whack the whole line. If someone really wants to know what happened, CVS has the record.

Removed (in a later commit - sorry).

I have also adjusted machoread.c because one Mach-O bfd declaration has been changed - as obvious.

The port has slightly bit-rotten (the number of regressions has increased); I will try to fix that in the
following weeks.


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