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RE: [RFC] Improve testsuite for poor expect behavior

> I will need to know the minimal set of Cygwin packages to install, for
> this to work.

  To use cygwin expect with DJGPP gdb and the djgpp.exp
board file I sent, you will need a minimal installation plus
the dejagnu package (that should trigger the installation of
some other required packages).

  Other packages that might be needed are:
- Bash (but it's probably part of base)
  I have no other idea now, but that doesn't mean 
that you will not need more...

  One more thing that I forgot to tell you:

I had to manually force two things in djbuild/gdb/testsuite/site.exp

set objdir  ./.
set TOOL_EXECUTABLE ../gdb.exe

  The objdir is there to avoid translation from relative to absolute
pathes, which leads to conflits both for mingw32 and djgpp
as cygwin uses its own root dir and the /cygdrive/X for windows X:\ drive.
The TOOL_EXECUTABLE is needed because otherwise, as 
I use the --host_board=djgpp which makes expect believe that
host is remote, it doesn't find the correct executable...

  Part of expect is still incomprehensible for me ...


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