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Re: [RFA] breakpoint.c ARI fixes

>>>>> "Pierre" == Pierre Muller <> writes:

Pierre>   The reason why I didn't check them in as obvious
Pierre> is only that for some of the if assignment rules,
Pierre> the assignment appear as a second test, meaning
Pierre> that it is not always executed in old code, while it is 
Pierre> in new code in print_one_breakpoint_location.


Pierre>    Is this OK?

Yes.  Thanks for working on this.

Pierre> I would like to know if the minimal ChangeLog
Pierre> below is enough or if I should use the long version
Pierre> listing all modified functions.

You must list them all, I'm afraid.

Pierre> +      if ((bsp->breakpoint_at != NULL)
Pierre> +	  && (bsp->breakpoint_at->owner->type == bp_step_resume)
Pierre> +	  && (bsp->breakpoint_at->owner->thread == current_thread
Pierre> +	      || bsp->breakpoint_at->owner->thread == -1))

Pierre> +  if ((ex_event != EX_EVENT_THROW)
Pierre> +      && (ex_event != EX_EVENT_CATCH))

As long as you are fixing some formatting stuff, you might as well
remove the extra parens from these expressions.


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