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Re: Patch : gdbserver get_image_name on CE

I can't give a full answer yet.

The code that I sent a patch for today didn't work. It reported a DLL
name "co" which should have been "coredll.dll". I suspect that the
result of ReadProcessMemory isn't always what it should be, causing the
loop to end too early. (This function also reports success via its last
parameter. Looks like that's more reliable.)

The next thing I'll do is figure out why the "bt" command isn't working.
Have no clue why. Will report when I do :-)

Feel free to ignore these patches until they're complete, if that is a
better idea. I sent this one separately because it looked contained.


On Sun, 2009-06-07 at 18:04 +0100, Pedro Alves wrote:
> On Sunday 07 June 2009 10:18:17, Danny Backx wrote:
> > gdbserver doesn't work well yet on WinCE on x86. I'll send more fixes
> > when they are ready.
> > 
> > This one fixes obtaining the names of DLLs loaded by the inferior. The
> > patched code also still works on WinCE on ARM.
> Could you please explain what is different here on x86 CE vs ARM CE
> vs x86 desktop Windows?  Is x86 CE != ARM CE *and* != x86 desktop?
Danny Backx ; danny.backx - at - ;

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