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Re: [RFA] Fix too many "no debugging symbols found" warnings.

>>>>> "Pedro" == Pedro Alves <> writes:

Tom> IMO, the ideal would be to share objfiles across inferiors (perhaps a
Tom> big task in itself) and then issue this warning at most once per
Tom> objfile.  That way the user won't see 1000 warnings for /lib/

Pedro> For true/always/full sharing, I'm thinking that we'd have to
Pedro> rework how gdb addresses symbol values (we relocate everything
Pedro> early; we'd have to apply relocation offsets on demand), and,
Pedro> we do some sorting of symbols, since sections may end up loaded
Pedro> at different relative offsets within the same objfile for
Pedro> different inferiors, in some targets.

Yeah.  I was thinking of perhaps splitting objfile in two, and moving
the relocated bits into a per-inferior handle, which points to the
abstract objfile.

But, this is just a vague thought.  And, we've been talking a bit in
Archer-land about some more drastic changes to the symbol tables
(e.g., getting rid of psymtabs for dwarf), and this would probably
interact with that as well.


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