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[03/19] set_longjmp_breakpoint


set_longjmp_breakpoint uses
  if (gdbarch_get_longjmp_target_p (current_gdbarch))
to determine whether to install a longjmp breakpoint.

This patch uses the objfile architecture of the file defining the
longjmp entry point to find the gdbarch_get_longjmp_target routine.

As a side effect, if multiple objfiles provide longjmp, *all*
instances will now get the breakpoint installed -- this may actually
be useful in some circumstances (e.g. multiple SPE images in a Cell/B.E.



	* breakpoint.c (create_longjmp_breakpoint): Add OBJFILE parameter.
	Only create breakpoint in given objfile.
	(set_longjmp_breakpoint): Loop over all objfiles, set longjmp
	breakpoints in each file.  Use objfile architecture instead of

Index: gdb-head/gdb/breakpoint.c
--- gdb-head.orig/gdb/breakpoint.c
+++ gdb-head/gdb/breakpoint.c
@@ -4423,11 +4423,11 @@ make_breakpoint_permanent (struct breakp
 static void
-create_longjmp_breakpoint (char *func_name)
+create_longjmp_breakpoint (char *func_name, struct objfile *objfile)
   struct minimal_symbol *m;
-  if ((m = lookup_minimal_symbol_text (func_name, NULL)) == NULL)
+  if ((m = lookup_minimal_symbol_text (func_name, objfile)) == NULL)
   set_momentary_breakpoint_at_pc (SYMBOL_VALUE_ADDRESS (m), bp_longjmp);
   update_global_location_list (1);
@@ -4440,12 +4440,17 @@ create_longjmp_breakpoint (char *func_na
 set_longjmp_breakpoint (void)
-  if (gdbarch_get_longjmp_target_p (current_gdbarch))
+  struct objfile *objfile;
+  ALL_OBJFILES (objfile)
-      create_longjmp_breakpoint ("longjmp");
-      create_longjmp_breakpoint ("_longjmp");
-      create_longjmp_breakpoint ("siglongjmp");
-      create_longjmp_breakpoint ("_siglongjmp");
+      struct gdbarch *gdbarch = get_objfile_arch (objfile);
+      if (!gdbarch_get_longjmp_target_p (gdbarch))
+	continue;
+      create_longjmp_breakpoint ("longjmp", objfile);
+      create_longjmp_breakpoint ("_longjmp", objfile);
+      create_longjmp_breakpoint ("siglongjmp", objfile);
+      create_longjmp_breakpoint ("_siglongjmp", objfile);
  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU Toolchain for Linux on System z and Cell BE

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