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Re: [RFC] Allowing all threads of all|current process(es) to be resumed [new command + docs]

On Monday 01 June 2009 15:28:43, Marc Khouzam wrote:

> Let me ask you, what is the way in non-stop to resume all threads
> of the current process?  -exec-continue is for a single thread,
> -exec-continue --all is for all threads of all processes.

Hmm, you must be thinking of something like this?  Does it not work?

2008-11-17  Vladimir Prus  <>

        Implement continue/interrupt of thread groups.

        * mi/mi-main.c (proceed_thread_callback): New.
        (mi_cmd_exec_continue): If --thread-group is specified, resume all
        threads in that group.
        (interrupt_thread_callback): New.
        (mi_cmd_exec_interrupt): If --thread-group is specified, interrupt
        all threads in that group.

> Your proposal addresses this issue for only for all-stop?

Right, all-stop was my main concern.  If we always resume
all threads of all inferiors, then even "(gdb) run" to start
up a new process ends up resuming other processes too.

Pedro Alves

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