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Re: [RFA] i386/amd64 h/w watchpoints in gdbserver

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 2:05 AM, Pierre Muller <> wrote:
> ?Doug, I think that your should send a new RFA
> for an up-to-date patch with the bi-arch stuff.
> Do we have an automated testsuite result comparison script
> that can be used for gdbserver testing?

I just use --target_board=native-gdbserver.exp and compare before/after.

No regressions on amd64 gdbserver, 32-bit and 64-bit.

> ?I can test compilation on cygwin,
> but testing can only be done manually...

Thanks, can you give this a try?

> ?Hopefully, Pedro will then be able to review it rapidly.

There's one aspect of this patch that one might want changing.
[I'd like to see the change, fwiw.]

It's ok for higher level routines to refer to global state (within
reason), but it's less ok for lower level routines to refer to global
state (modulo constant tables and such that won't change for the
duration).  The higher level routines should pass down context so the
lower level routines don't refer to any global state (again, within

Applying that principle here means routines in linux-x86-low.c, for
example, should not refer to any global state.
Shall I add parameters to insert_watchpoint, etc. so that, for
example, x86_insert_watchpoint doesn't have to call current_process?

Pedro: Note that this patch does defer updating the debug regs until
just before PTRACE_CONT.
[win32 version already did a similar thing]

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