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Process record and replay checked in to main trunk

Hi guys,

Process record and replay make gdb can record inferior execute log and
replay (include reverse debug).
Now, it support I386-Linux single-thread single-inferior native debug.

It was checked in today.
Thanks for evey people that spent time on process record.  Precord
can't be a part of gdb without your help.  Thank you very much.  :)

And precord still has a long way to go.  There have a lot of thing need to do:

1. Support i386 more better.  Now, precord doesn't support mmx insns,
support fp insns not very well and doesn't support a lot of insns.

2. Support more arches.  X86-64 is the first one (linux-record.c).
MIPS, ARM and so on.

3. Support memory free better.  Now, precord just can output a warning
for memumap.  It can do nothing when there is a sys_brk to free the
I had make a patch to output a warning when there is a sys_brk to free
the memory and make a plan to make precord can support free memory.
I will keep work on it.

4. Support multi-thread and multi-inferior.
I remember Pedro make a patch for reverse debug resume.  I think we
need this patch when multi-inferior check in.

5. Make record speed up and need less memory.
I have made a plan to make p record doesn't record execution log of
some functions (It can set), for example some functions in glibc.

6. Make execution log can dump out to be a file and can replay for next time.
Maybe it can make together with coredump support.  It must be a cool
function.  :)

Guys, please work on it if you interesting with some of them.  And
feel free tell me your ideas and comments.  It will help precord a


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