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[PATCH 0/3] catch syscall -- try 5 -- Introduction

Hello GDB hackers,

Here goes my fifth attempt to get this patch accepted :-). I believe
that everything will be fine this time, and the catch syscall feature
will finally appear in GDB 7!

Things that have changed since the last attempt:

- In the documentation part: (from Eli) (from Daniel)

- As for the XML support: (from Pierre) (from Daniel)

- Regarding the source-code: (from Pedro) (from Daniel)

There are other small comments that I have addressed while doing this,
and other replies to the comments above that I didn't paste. Please, let
me know if something is wrong/missing.

There's one thing worth mentioning: this patch implements the command
"maint set data-directory", which is already implemented by one of
Tromey's pretty-printing patches. If Tromey's patches are accepted
first, then I can (need) modify my patch in order to use his version of
the command


Sérgio Durigan Júnior
Linux on Power Toolchain - Software Engineer
Linux Technology Center - LTC
IBM Brazil

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