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Re: Add base linux native multi-process support.

Pedro> This patch adds base multi-process support to linux native GDB.


Pedro> I've left in a temporary global `linux_multi_process', and an
Pedro> undocumented command "set maint linux-multiprocess", for convenience
Pedro> when working on adding multi-exec support, and testing a multiprocess
Pedro> GDB.  This has samed me quite some recompile time.  Let me know if
Pedro> you think this is a bad idea.

I think this approach is fine.

Pedro>  /* Call CALLBACK with its second argument set to DATA for every LWP in
Pedro>     the list.  If CALLBACK returns 1 for a particular LWP, return a
Pedro>     pointer to the structure describing that LWP immediately.
Pedro>     Otherwise return NULL.  */
Pedro>  struct lwp_info *
Pedro> -iterate_over_lwps (int (*callback) (struct lwp_info *, void *), void *data)
Pedro> +iterate_over_lwps (ptid_t filter,
Pedro> +		   int (*callback) (struct lwp_info *, void *),
Pedro> +		   void *data)

Please update the function's comment to explain the new parameter.

Pedro> Index: src/gdb/linux-thread-db.c

After reading Paul's patch and then yours, it occurs to me that the
thread database .so dlopen handle and various function pointers will
have to be per-inferior.


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